English – Gabriel Balanovsky


Gabriel Balanovsky (1969) is a film director and producer who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His most well known feature films are “Goals for Girls” (documentary, 2014) which he co-directed with Ginger Gentile and also produced, and “Erasing Dad” (documentary, 2014) which he produced. His other films include “Man vs. Meteorite” (documentary, 2010) and “The Hooker and the Transvestie” (fiction, 2009). He is the executive producer of San Telmo Productions which provides production services for foreign clients who film in Argentina, including GE, LG Elecontonics, Nike, Gatorade, History Channel, HGTV, ABC, Nat Geo, Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Discovery.


Gabriel Balanovsky spent his childhood in Avellaneda, a short distance from Buenos Aires city and studied journalism in the University of Buenos Aires right after democracy was restored in Argentina. After his studies he worked for some of the most prestigious media outlets before deciding to take a three year trip around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, where he learned to speak English. Upon returning he decided to devote himself to his true love: film. Gabriel has filmed award winning short films such as “Enjaulado” in 35mm and produced commercials for various companies, including Delaostia. He is the rare person who loves to wake up at 4am for a film shoot!

With New York filmmaker Ginger Gentile he formed San Telmo Productions , one of Buenos Aires fastest growing boutique audiovisual production companies. They often co-direct, and Gabriel also focuses on the production, while Ginger focuses on editing.  Together they wrote and directed the short film“La Puta y La Travesti” (The Hooker & the Transvestite) which won the audience vote in the Filmaka.com Hard Times contest, after which they made a follow up which won first place by a jury of 12 A-list Hollywood filmmakers, including Werner Herzog and Wim Wenders. It has also produced the documentary “Man vs. Meteorite” about a gaucho knife maker crafting a knife out of meteorite metal. The short won first place in its category at the “Tandil Cortos 2010″, Seventh Annual Short Film National Festival. Their first feature documentary “Goals for Girls: a story of women with balls” about the fight of women to play football (soccer) in Argentina premiered in more than 20 cinemas in 2014 and also screened at the BAFICI and Havana Film Festival amongst others. Gabriel Balanovsky then produced “Erasing Dad” the most talked about documentary in Argentina in 2014. It made front page news when it was censored by a civil judge and has over 33,000 followers on Facebook.

Gabriel Balnaovsky hopes to continue to make movies that matter and is currently producing “Erasing Family” a follow up film that will be international in scope.


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